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Big data analysis

Big data has been a fancy buzz word for quite some time and perhaps even for so long, that it has started get warn out. There is nothing really fancy or buzzy about big data. And for certain, it has never been more important to discuss and consider working with it on an operational level. Basically it just means - A LOT of data. So voluminous that it demands a little extra in order to structure it. The work with thousands or millions of rows, ready to be structured, harmonized, analyzed and cohered in order to be meaningful.

Data in its raw form is rather ugly. It makes no sense and its latent power can seem meaningless to some. But not for us. The more rows. The more excited we get. We look for patterns. We fine tune data. And spend many hours polishing, nurturing and turning that data into something meaningful and beautiful.

As ugly as 3 millions random rows of data can be, equally as beautiful is it, when all that data comes together and just makes perfect sense and contribute to valuable new insights.

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