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Our mission is to empower with knowledge. We create the advanced statistics behind your strategic work. 

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We Offer

Tracking of strategic branding

Keep track of how well the brand overall as well as individual commercial initiatives perform across platforms, targets and media and obtain valuable learnings. A robust measurement framework will accelerate and facilitate the work with strategy as a continuous and constantly adaptive and improving proces.

Knowledge of audience as key to growth

Time taken to get to know who you are talking to is never wasted. Thorough knowledge of your target audience is undeniably the backbone of any growth strategy. By advanced cluster analysis based on quantitative survey, we learn about your target audiences' behavior, their values and believes. We listen and pay attention to details, so you learn what they ask of you and how you can better serve every

individual segment.

Finding a distinct and profitable positioning  

Form your strategy based on meticulously calculated facts about the market your business navigates within, the competitive situation and brand positioning. Discover what distinct and profitable positioning to take in the market, based on advanced analysis of competitors and tendencies. Explore price elasticity by conjoint-  and price analysis to set the best price combination for any product.

Research is all about asking the right questions. This is why we virtue the craft behind collecting and preparing data before any analysis. We put much effort into the development of a perfect questionnaire, cleaning data and in creating a robust foundation for analysis. Only when we trust that the data is sufficient can we interpret, conclude and recommend. So many gets this wrong and jump to conclusions. But in our world meticulousness matters.

Online Survey Panels

We partner with the largest and most renowned  online survey panels in Denmark and all over the World. We choose our partners carefully to ensure high data quality. Our well nurtured collaborations means that we can offer our clients panels with up to 90.000 Danes and more than 60 million globally.


Old science 

 New ways

Technology has elevated the opportunities within data collection, processing and visualization and we work with global innovative tech stat companys and soft ware vendors in order to keep ahead of the curve when surfing the warm industry of data and insights. But some things remain the same. The classic methodology, crafship and sincere understanding for business strategy and social science remain at the core.

News &press:

Ungt bureau i hastig vækst:

Vi har ramt en nerve i markedet

Markedsfø // 21. februar 2020

Markedsanalysebureauet It’s a Fact, der blev etableret i 2016, kom ud af 2019 med markant vækst på toplinjen og sorte tal på bundlinjen.

Bureauet, der kan skrive virksomheder som Pandora, B&O og Red Barnet på kundelisten, voksede kraftigt fra 2018 til 2019, hvilket fremgår af bureauets netop offentliggjorte årsregnskab.

Read the full article


Unicef: proving an effort

Most of the times, great campaigns are launched and we never learn the true results of the effort. Some times campaigns are launched and we learn some results. Rarely, we get to measure the full effect that advertising potentially has on the individual consumer.


As an aid organisation, UNICEF, was in need of the latter. As an interest organization every dime matter and needs to prove that is has been well spend.


Sadolin & Albæk:

Real Estate Agent

that went big on Big Data

Increasing professionalism, constant demands for documentation to back up decisions and uncontrolled massive amounts of data from multiple sources are all reasons why our client decided to go full in on the development of an intelligent tailored data system.

"We now have the ability to find, structure and use data and knowledge every day in order to leverage our business opportunities" - Kirstine Sand, Director of Estate Rental
& Partner Sadolin & Albæk"


Libratone: A wireless audiobrand that got well connected with its target audience

The young and urban consumer is a much wanted target audience.  Various brands spend their hard earned marketing money on targeting this group and this was no different for our client -the highend audio speaker brand, Libratone. But how do you approach this target audience the best possible way to become their preferred choice? Who are they, what do they value in life and how do we become relevant to them


Hub of

skilled specialist

We perceive out selves not so much as an external collaborative, but more so an extra hub with particular specialist competences, that connects on and off our clients daily work and internal teams. This means in practice that we work from our clients office or bring team members to our office, to ensure that cohesive workflow and smooth delivery and implementation of results.

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