Traditional but new

It's A Fact is a somewhat small and recently founded agency. Founded on the ambition of changing the business and quality of market research as we know it by using advanced statistics and modern technology.  We try not to label our selves, but when we occasionally has to, we tend to place us in between traditional quantitative market research and modern digital analysis.

Meticulous research

Research is all about asking the right questions and getting accurate data. This is why we virtue the craft behind collecting and preparing data before any analysis. We put much effort into the development of a perfect questionnaire and in creating a robust foundation for analysis. Only when we trust that the data is sufficient can we interpret, conclude and recommend. So many gets this wrong and jump to conclusions. But in the world of data accuracy matters.



Martin Lund Pedersen

TEL: +45 60 13 01 93

It's A Fact - Kronprinsessegade 26 - CVR 38657615

TEL: +45 60 13 01 93