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Increasing professionalism, constant demands for documentation to back up decisions and uncontrolled massive amounts of data from multiple sources are all reasons why our client decided to go full in on the development of an intelligent tailored data system.


The system is based on numerous data points, market studies,  CRM data and statistical analysis. The system it set up so that it is possible for Sadolin & Albæk to make their own day-to-day analysis of the market, when they want of what they want. They have full control of all their data.​

"We now have the ability to find, structure and use data and knowledge every day in order to leverage our business opportunities" - Kirstine Sand, Director of Estate Rental
& Partner Sadolin & Albæk"



Most of the times, great campaigns are launched and we never learn the true results of the effort. Some times campaigns are launched and we learn some results. Rarely, we get to measure the full effect that advertising potentially has on the individual consumer.


As an aid organisation, UNICEF, was in need of the latter. As an interest organization every dime matter and needs to prove that is has been well spend.


We carried out a coockie based effect study in the pursue of this. We did a pre study of the target audience with the intention of measuring awareness and thoughts on the brand in general, with no influence from advertising. The campaign was then launched. And after the campaign period, we followed up with a post study of the same target audience.


This post study was split into measuring the effect of 1)those who never saw the campaign and 2) those who did. By using coockie based tracking we got to learn who’d been introduced to the campaign and not. Allowing us to compare the two results and show the true impact of the campaign on the target audience.


The cool and urban consumer is a much wanted target audience.  Various brands spend their hard earned marketing money on targeting this group and this was no different for our client -the highend audio speaker brand, Libratone. But how do you approach this target audience the best possible way to become their preferred choice? Who are they, what do they value in life and how do we become relevant to them


Rather than suggesting an ordinary demographic segmentation study, we suggested Libratone to do a segmentation study based on values. Simply because values and beliefs say so much more about people, than what street they live in and how old they are.


We carried out quantitative data studies in Germany and England and dug deeper into the findings from these with qualitative interviews. Putting all the pieces together we created a complete view of the market and developed 4 arch types within this audience. 

"We got to be creative based on data.

We gained a profound understanding about our specific target audience and have a clear vision of whom we are approaching and how we should do it in the day-to-day communication."

- Marie-Louise Lynge, PR and SoMe Lead, Libratone

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