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Driver analysis

A driver analysis is an imperative tool, which allow us to identify what features and aspects that have the biggest impact on a specific outcome variable, such as willingness to buy. What is the most important element for the consumers purchase decision? Is the image of the brand more important than the product it self? Is the price more important? 10-20 of similar various questions are asked followed by a multiple regression analysis to determine the biggest impacts. A driver analysis can be made for both a category or for specific brands. The brand driver analysis is obviously more demanding for respondents and puts the overall length of the survey under pressure because the respondents will have to value the different drivers for each brand. However, It’s A Fact has a distinct approach where different brand performance metrics (cf. section 2.3) are combined with a category driver analysis to determine how the different drivers relate to specific brands without asking directly. This approach allows us to do an assessment of key brands and their strengths within the category.

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