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Brand tracking

The brand tracking as it is today, has been out dated. Paradoxically, there has never been a time, where such tool has been more important to the marketing/branding team. The market is constantly changing and the consumers opinion even faster, why brands in particular now experience the need to measure, preference, awareness and consideration in order to be able to be ahead of this race. It has never been more important to understand the market in which, a brand operates, to know exactly why these changes are happening, and even more important, to learn how to deal with them.


But monthly or quarterly updates presented in a static power point by the media agency og analysis agency does not function in this real-time world and need for day to day insights and performance measurement. The social and digital department can measure effects on a daily basis, so why not the brand managers as well?

One of our main priorities has been to make sure that the brand tracking enters the new epoke of brand analysis safely. We have integrated the brand tracking into a real time dashboard solution, so that every stakeholder of the brand and every one who is curious to see how the brand is performing, can easily acces the system online, with new brand and market data updated real time. This also means that we can start evaluating the brand together with multiple other data sources to see the bigger picture and compare performance across multiple platforms. 


Our brand tracking does not only track brand data from the survey, we have integrated social, media and digital data to the system as well. We can even integrate your sales data, the weather, or what ever data source, you might find intereresting to measure your brand performance up against. Making this brand tracking not so much a brand tracking after all - but perhaps more similar to a business intelligence system.

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