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Campaign evaluation


Did the campaign do what it was sent out in the world to do? Did we deliver on KPI’s?


Most of the times, great campaigns are launched and we never learn the true results of the effort. Sometimes campaigns are launched and we learn some results. Rarely, we get to measure the full effect that advertising potentially has on the individual consumer.


A campaign evaluation can determine a campaign effectiveness based on consumer responses, feedback and behavior. The method is a comparative study based on a pre study before launch to discover how the consumer feels when there has been no ad exposure followed up by a post study to compare the results and see if the exposure have had the intentional effect on preference, awareness and intention.


The campaign evaluation takes out in a pre study of the target groups opinion towards the brand to discover how the consumer feels when there has been no exposure to any advertising followed by an a post study with the target audience to compare results and to learn if the exposure makes a difference  in preference, attitude or behaviour.


The output of such analysis is the documentation of the effect of the complete marketing efforts and pinpointed areas of improvement for future campaigns.

Pre- & Post testing

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